Histology of the Skin

Histology of the Skin

Healthy Hair

7 Ways to Properly Shave Facial Hair

Razor burns are ruining a lot of guy's shaves and turning into unwanted razor bumps. Sadly,  there is not a single guarantee method to prevent them, but, there are many steps you can be taken to limit them.

Step 1 ~ Moister - shower before your shave to ensure your beard is properly moistened (if unable to wash your face with warm water).

Step 2 ~ Shaving Cream - use a shaving cream appropriate for your skin type and type of hair.

Step 3 ~ Brush - apply the cream with a shaving brush, this will soften & lift hair away from the face resulting in closer shave without tugging at the skin.

Step 4 ~ Razor - do not use a dole razor, this creates drag against the skin (it is often recommended to use double safety razor which doesn't provide excess blade cutting the skin).

Step 5 ~ Method - Go in direction of beard growth with short strokes (shaving against the direction of hair provides a closer shave, however, more razor burns), and end with chin hair to allow the toughest area to soften over time.

Step 6 ~ Post Shave - rinse with warm water, then cold to close the pores followed by part of a clean towel.

Step 7 ~ Moisturize - shaving removes two layers of skin, which is why it's important to moisturize (use one that is not greasy, absorbs quickly and drys without face looking shiny).

These steps are not guaranteed to stop razor bumps, but they will decrease the chance of them after shaving.





Hair Care Tips

7 key steps for men to maintain a healthy head of hair:

As men age, we look in the mirror at our hair and worry that someday we may not have hair to cut and style. To avoid a future without hair we must first learn how properly take care of it, and part of taking care of hair includes making healthier choices for your body as well

  1. Use a thickening shampoo - Don't just buy any shampoo that claims thicker hair. The compound you want is ketoconazole, use products containing this proven ingredient.

  2. Stop using your comb - Fingers will give you better volume white combs flatten hair out.

  3. Blow-dry your hair - Blowing in the right direction will give you more volume, but don't over dry!

  4. When exposed to the sun, wear a hat - Don't bake your hair, this causes your scalp to produce a compound known as, superoxide. This compares will make you start shedding.

  5. Let the hair dry naturally - Instead of towel drying let your hair dry on its own. This will damage your hair and cause snapping.

  6. Stop smoking - No secret here, unfortunately, tobacco is harmful to even your hair according to Harvard School of Public Health. It increases the hormone levels that create hair loss and restricts you of nutrients you need for hair growth.

  7. Get a good haircut! - Of course, your cut will help or hurt the way your hair looks, don't settle for an average haircut that is aimed to look long. In reality, shortcuts look much better if you are losing hair.

Finally, your vitamin D levels are critical to your hair, nails etc. Make sure to check with your physician to ensure you are getting adiquit amounts of vitamin D.