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Earn money

Earn extra cash on your own time, we connect you with clients in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, your only job is showing up and provide Haircut & Styling service.

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Be your own boss

With STYLESGO you control your work schedule, set your availability to times that best fit your life. Chose your work days and hours, put the rest is in our hands.

Job Description

We are seeking to partner with Barbers & Hairstylist that are passionate about their profession and experience with haircuts and styling. Escape the Barbershop/Salon atmosphere and make extra cash on your own time, this position requires Barbers & Hairstylist to provide haircuts and styling service at Homes, Hotels, and Events in San Francisco. Control your own work schedule and earn up to $30 per appointment with 100% of tips earned.


  • Professional License OR Active Schooling

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Professional Tools (Clippers, Shears, Combs, ect.)

  • Pass Background Check

  • Available Weekends

  • Portfolio of Past Work


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